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Process Improvement Essentials - A Framework for Creating and Implementing Operational Improvement Plans

Toiminnan kehittämisen olennaiset asiat: malli operatiivisten kehittämissuunnitelmien luomiseksi ja toimeenpanoksi

Markus Pastinen
1. ed. (1998), 2. ed. (2000)
ISBN: 951-97912-0-5

The objective of the doctoral dissertation is to construct and test a logic, which produces customized process improvement plans using a standardized approach. The logic integrates diagnosis, remediation and implementation into a compact whole. The premise of this logic is to identify and address relevant problems within the company based on optimal utilization of available resources. The construction is designed for professionals in the field of process improvement (i.e. internal or external consultants) interacting in a client company or organizational unit.

The dissertation is based on a literature review, case studies and deductive reasoning. A constructive research approach is applied to the dissertation. In addition, the created construction is verified using qualitative methods to complement the main research approach.

The designed construction provides a practical and functioning framework for improving the processes of an organization. Toward that end, the approach takes both a broad and a narrow perspective to process improvement. It integrates the knowledge of customers, employees, owners and the consultant to a compact whole. Based on these vistas, the methodology vitalizes the organization by identifying those relevant problems in the processes that can be solved making the optimal use of existing resources. To do that, the construction considers the performance of the processes in terms of time, quality and costs.

Key Words: core process; information management; management of organizational change; process analysis and synthesis; process consultation; process improvement; stakeholder satisfaction; support process; total quality management.